Heirloom Tomato Seed and Plant Catalog

Welcome to our 2024 seed and plant catalog!


Check out our extraordinary selection of CERTIFIED ORGANIC tomatoes! We've curated a selection of heirloom tomatoes which includes uncommon surprises as well as exceptional must-haves for any garden.


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Amish Paste tomatoes

Amish Paste

IND (75 days) Superb meaty paste tomato! A staple in many gardens. One of the largest paste fruits we grow. Very reliable, productive plants yield enough fruits at each harvest to make the most savory sauces, pico de gallo, or canned whole tomatoes.


Arkansas Traveler tomatoes

Arkansas Traveler

IND (75 days) A University of Arkansas 1960's introduction known for its ability to produce abundantly, even in hot dry weather. Medium sized, 6-8 oz., rose pink, crack and disease resistant, incredibly delicious.

These seeds
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Aunt Ginny's Purple tomatoes

Aunt Ginny's Purple

IND (80 days) Deep pink beefsteak, should be called "Aunt Ginny's Pink". 1-2 lb fruit. Smooth with little cracking. One of the earliest ripening beefsteaks we offer. Juicy and delicious...rivaling Brandywine for taste and more productive. Good disease resistance, superb fresh eating quality, this is in my personal top ten favorite varieties. Has a longer production period than other varieties.


Aunt Ruby's German Green tomatoes

Aunt Ruby's German Green

IND (85 days) Unique green beefsteak, absolutely my favorite variety. Scrumptious spicy sweet taste. Pink blush on blossom end creates lovely picture with the neon green fruit. Low disease tolerant but worth the effort. You haven't fully lived until you've tried one of these! German family heirloom passed down by Ruby Arnold of Greeneville, TN.


Barnes Mountain Orange tomatoes

Barnes Mountain Orange

Barnes Mountain Orange - IND (90 days) Kentucky heirloom. Large beefsteak, brilliant orange fruits that deliver flavor and yields. Bring some sunshine into your kitchen with this delicious tomato. Some disease resistance; vigorous plants need staking. As the years go by I appreciate this variety more and more. It is becoming a customer favorite, I think we all realize how rare this one is! Firm and juicy fruits have no other rival in the yellow/orange category. Perfect balance of sweet/tart.

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Black Cherry tomatoes

Black Cherry

IND (80 days) This has become our best seller, out-pacing Cherokee Purple and Vinson Watts! Rich, full flavor, like Cherokee Purple, but in a cherry tomato. Abundant production of dark, chocolate-ruby sweet bite size fruits but not overwhelming like other cherries (meaning you will eat every.single.one). Great for porches or container gardens. Plants need staking. Moderate disease resistance. A true gem of a tomato.

Black From Tula tomatoes

Black From Tula

IND (75 days) Now made famous in Charles Mann's recent book "1493", this tomato deserves major recognition. A delight to eat! Slightly flattened fruits with green shoulders and garnet/purple flesh; the intensity of the flavor bursts in your mouth and finishes on a high note, like a ringing bell whose tone rings higher and higher seeming to go on forever. Try it for yourself and see what everyone is raving about!

Black Krim tomatoes

Black Krim

IND (80 days) Dark red purple tomato. Rich, Sweet, full bodied flavor, 10 to 12 oz. heavy producers, popular in taste trials. Heirloom fromthe Crimean peninsula of the Black Sea of Russia.

Black Prince tomatoes

Black Prince

IND (70 days) * Please note! We are discontinuing this variety in 2022. We may bring it back next year. This item is out of stock! *** One of the earliest maturing varieties we offer. Usually the first to ripen of all 40 varieties we grow! Medium size globe fruits are bright, crisp, and refreshing. Well balanced flavor and even texture. Deep ruby colored fruits are prolific on these vigorous plants.

Blue Ridge Mountain tomatoes

Blue Ridge Mountain

IND (80 days) Large, 1 lb., pink, beefsteak with good old fashion tomato flavor. Tall, vigorous, potato leaf vines, a personal favorite of ours.

Pink Brandywine tomatoes

Brandywine, Pink

(Sudduth/Quisenberry Strain) - IND (80 days) The most popular heirloom. Prized for it's distinctively flavored fruit. Dark reddish, pink, large 1-2 lb. fruit. Borne on vigorous potato leaf plants. Not particularly disease resistant. "As fine a tasting tomato as ever was grown," said tomato guru Ben Quisenberry who got the seed from Mrs. Sudduth. It had been in her family over 100 yrs. Perennial winner of taste tests around the country. Legendary Amish heirloom from the 1880's.

Red Brandywine tomatoes

Brandywine, Red

(Landis strain) - IND (75 days) Big yields of 8-12 oz. perfect, red globes exploding with intense flavor. Vigorous, healthy plants make an excellent heirloom for all to try. Little historical info available, but probably from the Brandywine River in eastern Pa.

Brown Berry tomatoes

Brown Berry

IND (80 days) One of my favorites in our trials for 2012. These oblong grape type fruits are incredibly tasty, with a sweet flavor and aromas of cinnamon and Indian spices. Would make a lovely ketchup or tomato chutney. Prolific fruits and some disease tolerance.

Cherokee Green tomatoes

Cherokee Green

IND (85 days) Ripe green tomatoes are my favorite and Cherokee Green has won my heart! Superb texture, firm but delicate, gives way to perfectly balanced rich, full flavor. Stunningly beautiful fruits are emerald green with golden streaks when ripe. Out of this world!

Cherokee Purple tomatoes

Cherokee Purple

IND (80 days) Pre 1890 Tennessee heirloom reportedly of Cherokee Indian origin. Passed down from J D Green to Craig LeHoullier to Seed Savers Exchange. Large, 10-12 oz, beautiful, deep dusky rose color. Absolutely delicious, sweet and rich flavor. Disease resistant, Southern heirloom.

Chris Ukranian

Chris Ukrainian

IND (85 days) Heavy producer of very large light pink beefsteaks in the 1-2 lb. range. Quite meaty with nicely balanced sweet taste. Another excellent Ukraine family heirloom. UPDATE 2024 SEEDS are SOLD OUT.

Costoluto Genovese tomatoes

Costoluto Genovese

IND (78 days) Unique, Italian, main season tomato. A classic component of the cuisine of the Piedmont region of Italy. 8 oz deep red flattened globes with heavily scalloped edges, juicy and full flavored. Great for slicing, or cooking down into rich and pungent sauce. Disease resistant and heat loving, vigorous vines bear heavy yields of this specialty tomato.



IND (85 days) Heavy producer of very large light pink beefsteaks in the 1-2 lb. range. Quite meaty with nicely balanced sweet taste. Another excellent Ukraine family heirloom. UPDATE Seeds are SOLD OUT 2024.

Dr. Carolyn's Yellow tomatoes

Dr. Carolyn's Yellow

IND (85 days) Back by popular demand! Long-standing customers have been asking us to bring this classic beloved yellow cherry back after a few years of hiatus and we're glad we listened! This yellow cherry is super sweet, not over-productive (meaning you won't get sick of it!), and just all around a winner. Liven up your salads with this crips, sweet, golden yellow fruit or snack on them like we do right off the plant.

Dr. Wyche's Yellow tomatoes

Dr. Wyche's Yellow

IND (85 days) One of the best yellow beefsteaks, turning golden yellow when mature. Meaty and dense with a deep and richly complex taste. Dr. Wyche lived on a mountainside near a zoo and liberally fertilized with zoo doo creating lush gardens.


Earl of Edgecombe

Earl of Edgecombe

IND (85 days) New Zealand heirloom with superb flavor, high yields. Visually exciting deep glowing orange, 6-10 oz. meaty fruit with pronounced, robust flavor, rich, sweet and tart all at once.

Eva Purple Ball tomatoes

Eva Purple Ball

IND (75 days) late 1800's heirloom from Black Forest region of Germany. Smooth, round, tender, 6-8 oz pinkish-red fruit, juicy, delicious, all purpose tomato. Outstanding performance in all climates, with excellent disease resistance.


Garden Peach tomatoes

Garden Peach

IND (80 days) Small, 2-3 oz yellow tomatoes with pinkish blush and slightly fuzzy, just like a peach. Sweet and fruity flavor. This heirloom must be grown to be appreciated.

German Johnson tomatoes

German Johnson

IND 78 days. Old heirloom from NC and VA. Large, nicely shaped 1 lb. red fruit. Meaty with few seeds. Great old time flavor. Good for slicing and canning. Very productive.

Green Grape tomatoes

Green Grape

IND 78 days. What a delicious tomato! These small grape size fruits are green when ripe, a vibrant, magical green like a forbidden fruit. The flavor is out of this world - sweet yet rich and balanced. Harvest when the fruits begin to turn slightly gold-yellow. Great yields and some disease tolerance. My favorite 'new' find!

Green Zebra tomatoes

Green Zebra

IND (80 days) Unusual, and visually exquisite tomato, beautiful chartreuse, with deep lime green stripes, delicious, tangy, 3-4 oz fruit, perfect for slicing into wedges for salads. Developed by tomato breeder Tom Wagner of Tater Mater Seeds. A favorite of chefs and specialty markets

Hungarian Paste tomatoes

Hungarian Paste

IND (80 days) We love paste tomatoes that are good to eat fresh, and this one is delicious both fresh and in sauce. Beats Amish Paste hands down for flavor and texture. Rich red color, abundant fruits and a hard to find variety make this one an excellent choice for your garden.

Jersey Devil tomatoes

Jersey Devil

IND (80 days) Hard to find, old variety fondly remembered by many gardeners for its 4-6" long, tapered red fruit, shaped like banana peppers. Very meaty and sweet, with few seeds. Great for sauce, salsas and fresh eating. Gorgeous red, impressive yields, wonderful taste.

June Pink tomatoes

June Pink

IND (85 days) Beefsteak size with a rich, deep garnet color. Like Cherokee purple but bigger! Delicious fresh tomato, excellent balance of flavors, lots of 'meat' but juicy too. Great yields of large fruits will keep you and your neighbors in tomato sandwiches all summer long!

Large Pink Bulgarian tomatoes

Large Pink Bulgarian

IND (85 days) Gorgeous, deep pink fruit against rich green foliage combined with superb taste. Flavor is big and bold yet complex, sublime. Flesh is firm and dense. Average 1 lb. but can reach 3 lbs. Loads up early with blemish free fruit in tight clusters. UPDATE 2024 PLANTS ARE SOLD OUT.

Sorry. These seeds are sold out.

Marglobe tomatoes


(Semi-DET) 80 days Another classic we have brought back into the collection. Marglobe, like Tappy's Heritage or Rutgers, is your classic, old-timey red tomato. Just bursting with great flavor and memories of your grandparents' garden! Bright, fresh, well-balanced sweetness, and perfect texture make this a winner in any garden. Medium size nearly globe fruits range from 8-12 oz on average. With exceptional flavor and texture this is great all-purpose tomato: wonderful fresh, canned, in sauces or salads. This is a real winner!

Martino's Roma tomatoes

Martino's Roma

DET (75 days) This Italian heirloom produces overwhelming yields of 2-3 oz Romas on plants with heavy cover of deep green, rugose foliage. Typical paste tomato flavor.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

IND but compact (80 days) Extremely consistent performer, reddish orange beefsteaks. Vigorous plant with heavy dark green foliage and good disease resistance. Simply a nice old fashioned flavor. Sets fruit well in warmer climates. UPDATE SEEDS ARE SOLD OUT 2024.

Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes

Matt's Wild Cherry

IND (85 days) Finally we're offering this amazing tiny cherry tomato. Legendary producer and disease resistant tomato. Matt's Wild Cherry is the only cherry you'll need, with enormous clusters of fruits giving you delicious fruits all the way to frost, and beyond! An incredibly tough tomato with great flavor. Join the team and cheer for Matt's Wild!

Mr. Stripey - Flossie's Stripey tomatoes

Mr. Stripey - Flossie's Stripey tomatoes

IND (80 days) This is a long story, because it took a very long time for me to be able to offer these amazing seeds and plants to you. I first met Flossie's Stripey back in 2006 when I helped Dr. Randy Gardner of NCSU in his trials to develop "heirloom-type hybrid" tomatoes. Dr. Gardner would listen to me gush about this particular variety with a twinkle in his eye. Years later I wanted to bring this incredible tomato into the catalogue and after growing various stripeys I realized that Flossie's Stripey was not like other Mr. Stripeys, which were too soft and mushy. I was finally able to acquire a few seeds from the archives of the tomato breeding program (Dr. Gardner had since retired). That year (2014) I finally got the crop in the ground but an early frost killed most of the plants before much fruit was ripe. Every year after something would happen to the Flossie Stripey plot and I was only able to get enough seeds to keep the genes alive for next year; not sell the seed or even the plants. Finally I am able to offer you the most incredible, incomparable, laudable Flossie's Stripey Tomato! (Applause!!!). Now to tell you about the fruit: Huge beefsteak fruits ripen from green to green/yellow to green/yellow/red to yellow/red. This process alone is a marvel. Pick one as soon as the yellow begins to arrive and just watch it turn. Wonderful, balanced sweet fruits with excellent firm flesh. Plenty of juice to savor, but still very meaty.

Opalka tomatoes


IND (75 days) One of the best long, red, paste or sauce tomatoes. Sweet, refreshing taste, can be eaten fresh off the vine. Vigorous plant with high yields of 6-8 oz., 4-6", red, elongated fruit. From Poland.

Radiator Charlie (aka Mortgage Lifter

Mortgage Lifter, Radiator Charlie's

IND (79 days) A legendary tomato developed by M C Byles (Radiator Charlie), in the early 1930s in Logan WV. It was in such demand that he sold the plants for $1.00 apiece. His grandson, Edward Martin, is working to provide us the REAL story and the REAL seeds from this classic tomato. The large, slightly flattened, pink-red tomatoes can average 2-1/2 lbs. They are meaty and very flavorful. A must grow.

Pantano tomatoes


IND (85 days) Italians are serious about tomatoes and Pantano is a seriously delicious Italian heirloom. Ruby red beefsteak fruits are bright, firm-fleshed, perfectly balanced and just exquisite. Average size is just under 1 lb so fruits are on the smaller end of beefsteak size. Juicy yet meaty, it's as close to perfection as a tomato will ever come. Well worth the wait!

Peacevine Cherry tomatoes

Peacevine Cherry

IND (75 days) Unbelievable cherry tomato. Produces tresses of small 3/4" delicious red tomatoes. Just keeps on producing. Uniquely high in vitamin C, and gamma amino butyric acid, a body sedative that calms jitters!


Principe Borghese tomatoes

Principe Borghese

DET (75 days) "The traditional Italian tomato for drying!". Traditionally grown in Southern Italy, these 2" long, red, plum shaped tomatoes bear heavily, ripen early, and hold well on the plant. Meaty with little juice and few seeds. Unbelievable! Sweet, tart, tomato essence is beautifully concentrated when dried!

Riesentraube tomatoes


IND (75 days) Most unusual German heirloom red cherry saved by Carolyn Male. Originally from East Germany, but also grown by PA Dutch as early as 1850's. The name means "giant bunch of grapes." Bouquet type blossoms turn into bunches of 20-40 small, oval, red fruit with pointed ends. Excellent, full flavored taste similar to that of beefsteak tomatoes.


Rutgers tomatoes


IND (75 days) An old fashion classic developed in the 1920's. Delicious old timey flavor, highly productive. 6-10 oz juicy red tomatoes. Great for canning.

Sorry. These seeds are sold out.

Pomodoro san marzano "Pomodoro san marzano" artwork provided by Assianir and is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

San Marzano tomatoes

IND (82 days) *Please note some customers are having trouble with the link to buy seeds and plants. I am working to fix it. If you want this variety and have trouble ordering it, just make a note in the purchase order or send an email and I will substitute this variety for another that you order. January 2022* The infamous sauce tomato, deserving every bit of its stellar reputation. Clusters of red, oblong fruits ripen uniformly to allow for small batch processing of your sauces and marinara. Superb flavor, very meaty with few seeds and juice, makes this one of the best canning tomatoes we offer. Try roasting them for an even more rewarding experience! I was reluctant to grow this for many years as it is widely available, but the chef in me finally yielded to experimentation and my gardens will never be without these tasty romas again!

Soldacki tomatoes


IND (80 days) Polish heirloom yielding 1 lb deep pink beefsteak fruits. Low acid, sweet flavor with thin skin makes this cherished by home gardeners as it does not transport well, so is hard to find outside of your garden! Vigorous vines need staking. Dropped from our catalogue for many years and revived due to its exquisite flavor, firm flesh, and hardy growth habit. Proud to reintroduce this rare variety into our curated collection! UPDATE 2024 SEEDS ARE SOLD OUT.

Striped German tomatoes

Striped German

IND (78 days) Incredibly beautiful tomato with flavor to match. Huge, bicolored and ribbed fruit. Yellow with red starting at blossom end. Striking slicer with fruity taste. A must!

Sorry. These seeds are sold out.

Tappy's Heritage tomatoes

Tappy's Heritage

IND (78 days) What a great, old-fashioned tomato. The flavor is so balanced and fresh it won my heart in this year's trials. Such a great, all around tomato. Beautiful, juicy, rich, good producer. In our efforts to offer more red globe tomatoes we sought this one out and it beat Tappy's Finest hands down for production, flavor, and disease resistance. Great canning tomato or fresh off the vine. Try this one, you will be so pleased!

Thai Pink tomatoes

Thai Pink

IND (75 days) One of our favorites! Small, oval, 2 inch, iridescent pink fruit. Flesh is smooth and sweet with real tomato flavor. Incredible yields. Heirloom from Thailand. Hard to find, but definitely worth growing.

Vinson Watt's tomatoes

Vinson Watt's

IND (75 days) The only thing 'wrong' with this tomato is the name starts with a V so you're just now getting to it. This is THE taste test winner of all 62 varieties we grew in 2012. This is the tomato that makes you fall in love with heirloom tomatoes all over again. Perfect balance of flavor and texture with a glowing rose color that seduces you from halfway across the field. Disease tolerant, great production, huge beautiful beefsteak fruits. Effusive praise falls from your lips in between bites. I can't believe it took me so long to discover this heirloom! Try it for yourself and you'll be writing long paragraphs about it too!

Soldacki tomatoes

Wanda's Potato Top

IND (80 days) Potato leaf variety with beautiful pink-red huge beefsteak fruits that make great tomato sandwiches, salsas, and just great fresh eating! This hard to find variety is also reintroduced into our catalogue after combing through the many types we have not had the room to plant, but wanted to keep alive. So glad this one made it into the collection after falling into near obscurity! The 1 lb+ fruits will give other, better known, varieties a run for their money (I'm thinking German Johnson and Mortgage Lifter, though their early ripening gives them an advantage on that front). We don't know who Wanda was, but we sure are glad she kept this delicious tomato alive and we are happy to offer it to you, once again!

Yellow Pear

Yellow Pear

IND (75 days) Heirloom from the 1800’s. Extremely vigorous vining plants produce sweet, scrumptious cherry size yellow fruits shaped like a pear. Great to eat straight off the vine, in salads, and makes a lovely addition to a charcuterie board. See why people have loved them for more than 200 years!



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