Gardener's Gift Certificates

We now offer you the opportunity to buy gardener's gift certificates for our heirloom tomato seed packs and heirloom tomato plants. What a great present for your favorite gardener....the gift that keeps on giving!



They are easy to use...just click to purchase and the paypal program will guide you through the simple process. You can choose to print out the gardener's gift certificates and give them yourself, or have them emailed to the lucky gardener. You can even choose the date you'd like for them to be sent by email. Buy in whatever multiples or combinations you choose. And you can be sure that they are just as easy to redeem.


Feel free to contact us by email:  if you have any questions about our Gardener's Gift Certificates. 

***You may also send a check for any amount you like , along with the information about who you would like a gift certificate sent to, and we will be more than happy to send our own gardener's gift certificate,  with a personal message from you.

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