Gardening Workshops 2021

We offer hands on gardening workshops on a variety of subjects such as Planning Your Garden, Getting Started With Seeds And Soil, Planting, Transplanting, Pest Control, and Fertilizing.

All of our workshops are currently sold out.

We are offering the video "Building Your Home Herbal Medicine Cabinet" free for your viewing so that you can experience what our workshops are like. If you have any questions, or would like to have us present a workshop for your group, contact



February 13 Planning your Garden
Planning your garden: Having a plan for crop rotation, variety selection, yields, taking soil samples, and incorporating your overall goals into your garden will ensure success and satisfaction in your efforts! We will explore our individual needs and goals and incorporate these into our garden plans for the year (or years!). This plan will form the foundation of the work we do throughout the spring. Early variety seed orders may be covered if time permits. Raised beds versus ground level beds will be explored. Bring a calculator and grid paper.


February 21 Getting started with Seeds and Soil -  Seeds Overview of seed selection, companies, putting together your seed orders will be our focus for the first half of the workshop. Catalogues for recommended seed companies will be provided, but please bring your favorites! After this workshop you should have your seed orders for spring complete and a foundation for how to select varieties, amounts, and new resources for seed companies and planting guides.


Feb 20 All about Seeds and Soil - Seed stratification, scarification, planting tools and techniques, and germination will all be covered. Numerous varieties of cold hardy spring crops and slow growing summer crops like eggplant and peppers will be planted. A low-cost heated seed-starting box will be constructed for demonstration so that you can build your own heat-mats at home! Soil It all begins with the soil: soil mixing, media, recipes, tray sizing and everything related will be discussed and demonstrated. The foundation of healthy plants begins with great soil. Learn how to mix your own soil, select quality potting mixes, and how to prepare for planting seeds.


March 20 Planting and transplanting
Many seedlings benefit from being potted up before being transplanted into the garden. Learn the best transplanting techniques for individual varieties. Early spring crops will be planted into the garden. Let's get dirty! 


April 3 Fertility systems and Pest Management Strategies
While we continue to plant the seasonally appropriate varieties, we will cover how to best care for our gardens. Fertility systems with a focus on building and using high quality compost will be extensively covered. With warming temperatures come insects, both beneficial and not! Managing insect and disease pressure are crucial to a successful garden. Fungal and bacterial diseases are particularly problematic for tomatoes, cucurbits, and some culinary herbs. Learn how to manage these and more. We will focus on organic and biodynamic methods. 


April 17 Wrapping it up
The last of our seeds will be planted in the greenhouse and the garden; the last of our transplants will go into the garden; we'll take home plants for our home gardens. Trellising systems for tomatoes, mulching techniques for weed management, suckering tomatoes, application of fertility and pest management inputs will all be explored in more detail. A focus on the upcoming summer garden will carry us through until the fall when we can replant many of the varieties we learned about in the spring! Time will be allotted for any topics that came up throughout our sessions that need to be discussed in more detail. 


August 20 Seed saving
Learn how to save your seeds from a wide variety of herbs, veggies, annuals perennials and wildflowers. (Location TBA)


October 18 Cover crops
What, when, why and how (Location TBA)


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