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About Our Greenhouse and Nursery Business

Appalachian Seeds is a sustainable family farm business offering a wide selection of heirloom plants and seeds for sale to customers in Western NC. We have been growing and selling unusual and gourmet heirloom and open pollinated varieties since 1997. Tomatoes have been our specialty, but we now offer many unique vegetables, herbs and perennials. Please see our lists of plants that we are growing for wholesale bedding plant sales this spring.

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We grow all our wholesale bedding plants using a custom blend of organic ingredients, worm castings, and fish and seaweed emulsion. Only accepted organic pest controls are used when needed. These may include Soaps, Oils, Neem, Pyrethrum, Rotenone, Bt, and beneficial insects.
We will become Certified Organic but for now we just follow the COG guidelines in all aspects of our production. The former owners, Chip and Julie, were awarded the Outstanding Achievement award for Sustainable Agriculture in Yancey County in 2006 from NCSU Cooperative Extension.

Our Wholesale Bedding Plant Sizes, Availability and Delivery

Plants are grown in 3 ½" pots and sold in flats of 18 or 4 pack containers sold in flats of 12.

All pots are individually labeled and bar coded and each flat has a colorful 10" Tee stake with our description of the variety.

Plants will be available to our customers from early March through early June. Delivery is available, and is free within 60 miles with an order of 20 flats or more.

For best selection and availability, please order as early as possible.

To discuss prices and terms, or to arrange wholesale bedding plant delivery, contact us at seeds@appalachianseeds.com  

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