Farm Animals

The former owners, Chip and Julie, raised lots of animals on the farm. These are some pictures of their animals. 

.baby-ben.jpg sheep-with-dreadlocks.jpg
We have standard Jersey Cows. They are just beautiful and so sweet and the milk is is the cheese and yogurt, and butter. We have Shetland Sheep.
Their wool is just fabulous.
DSC_0274.jpg chickens-and-turkeys.jpg
Little pigs are so cute and then they grow up...whoa! We have a dozen different breeds of laying hens for those incredible free range eggs and the guineas do their work eating the bugs...
DSC_0303.jpg DSC_0344.jpg
... and a couple of real sporty Peacocks just for pure pleasure. And our 2 Great Pyrenees dogs are the perfect guardians for the farm, keeping all the predators away.
eli-petting-marzipan.jpg bee-hives.jpg
Our horses are wonderful transportationand our new Haflingers help to get the work done on the farm.

We can't forget our honey bees...some of the hardest working livestock on the range



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