Philosophy / Techniques / Sustainable Agriculture

fertrell.jpgWe strongly believe in the principles and practices of Sustainable Agriculture.We grow all our plants on our  farm and in our own greenhouses using our custom soil mix composed of Canadian peat moss, organic micronutrients, and vermicompost. We fertilize with biodynamic compost and preparations along with seaweed emulsion. Only accepted organic pest controls are used when needed. We primarily rely on beneficial insects. For us, part of sustainable agriculture means reducing as much off farm input as possible and we are constantly striving to do just that. We work with the biodynamic method of agriculture proposed in 1924 by the premier visionary Rudolph Steiner The biodynamic method, while complex, offers us an effective means of sustainable farming, particularly for our heirloom tomatoes in a heavy late-blight season. We recommend looking more deeply into this method and will be happy to discuss our spray program with you. 

We are members of the Biodynamic Association and ASAP…the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project… and their certified "Appalachian Grown" program.


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